Opportunistic Incarceration

Oh! How the heart fills and empties,

Lasting cherries, fruitful for centuries,

The deep rose color, the seed deflecting exposure.

How obviously oblivious can you be to closure?

Swarming cicadas wring the sky of air.

Sweetness can’t seem to give a care.

As predicted, invasion occurs,

Paranoia doesn’t mercy him or her.

Glowing fresh orange coats the nose.

This incarceration is justified, I suppose.

Knowing specific locations to have an excuse,

Hope only finds itself in the fresh-squeezed juice.

Locational connections now meaningless,

The horizon waning sadly, seen depressed.

What once spelled beauty, vigor, a burning lust,

Has finally fallen for its own sake, through mistrust.

The light that can now only be seen outside,

Nevertheless, can similarly be found inside.

Though it contains a different shape, size, form,

Uncovering existing paths, yes, you can find.

Persevere, some taper off, some wind,

But from which, all can emerge (not) torn.



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