Image Credit: Markus Spiske from Pixabay

Plip, plop
Plip, plop

Impact, disperse
Miles of travel muffled, humble ‘plops’
Into the dirt, submerge
The journey never stops.

Plip, plop
Plip, plop

Slip, slide
Loosening soils, awaken
Difficult to hide
With heartstrings shaken.


Splash, rise
Vibration carries short
Reverberate cries
In immediate retort.

Plip, plop
Plip, plop…



Here’s to a copper-colored moon!

Shifting quietly to the tune

Of bronze past, broken cocoon

Rusting turquoise, features cartoon.

A stare expedites departure.

Stay, please stay!

You say,

On the horizon it lays,

And your heart she punctures.

Phasing, phishing emotion

The copper-colored moon bloats at the notion,

And continues…



Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

From looking at brick walls and alleys,
To coasting in a yellow bus out the valley.

Grouty, weathering grey streets,
Red rooves reflecting a recent burn,
In stifling quiet with heads in a churn,
To smoking green under palm trees.

Blue covers on, off we sailed,
To foam and pebbled rocks…



Image by carloyuen from Pixabay

Steel ‘scrapers swing slowly,
Heavy wind shaking their weight.
Citizens watch through windows’ distorting gape,
And lose care seeing the others also blowing.

Full moon’s hangover reminds of repetition,
Routine, regret, a rewinding tape.
While they burn for nights in the cape,
Irrelevance traps them in human condition.

Recurring sway…



(Photo Credit: Lea Boutrois)

Though I have not lived a full life,
And I have yet to accrue the proper strife,

The space between electric emotional events
Grows, widens, requires increasing patience.

Ambition can’t wait, but creative output blows
Like a falling leaf riding Kansas winds, October snows,

Where the crisp rushing gusts continue…



Gently float along, mariner sways
with his ship. Passing days,
gliding waves, horizon always
She scoots along, a steady
locomotion, pump of the rudder, ready
propeller, heat seeking sweaty…


Groping for air like a fish flop, sit atop and…